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Real Deal Memorabilia

REAL DEAL Memorabilia takes a thorough approach to ensure the authenticity of your memorabilia. Every piece of REAL DEAL memorabilia is affixed with tamper-proof sticker. Each sticker is hand-numbered, making it impossible to reproduce. A Certificate of Authenticity is issued for each item. Each COA lists the date of the signing, item signed, quantity of items signed, a photocopy of the athlete’s signature or agents of the athlete’s signature present at the signing and a hand-numbered READ DEAL holographic sticker. If the sticker is not numbered by hand, then a small “REAL DEAL” Authenticity Hologram or an Exclusive Player Hologram will be on both the product and the COA. The REAL DEAL COA measures 5″x7″ and is printed on red stationary-quality paper. REAL DEAL items that have gone through the Deluxe authentication process are also sold with a photograph taking at the signing. The photograph is numbered as well.


Authenticity has been a central theme to Upper Deck products since the company’s inception in 1988. The company revolutionized trading cards using sophisticated printing technology to improve the overall quality of products and adding a trademark hologram that prevented them from being counterfeited. In 1992, Upper Deck expanded the company’s focus on authenticity to include fine autographed sports memorabilia backed by a patented five-step authentication process which guarantees fans are receiving genuine autographs.

The heart of the five-step process is the company’s policy that an Upper Deck representative must witness each autograph signed by any one of its stable of high-profile athletes including Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Ken Griffey Jr., Peyton Manning, and Kevin Garnett to name a few.

Today Upper Deck dedicates more resources than any other sports collectibles and memorabilia company to ensure the authenticity of its products.


Ironclad Authentics is an innovative sports marketing company pledging GUARANTEED signature and licensed product while providing the best service, integrity and highest quality product. They Guarantee it! Each item will include an Ironclad tamper-proof hologram affixed to the product and an Ironclad Authentics Certificate of Authenticity. In addition to our guarantee, Ironclad participates in Major League Baseball’s Authentication Program, which requires a third-party witness to attend all of our signings in order to provide our customers with yet another form of security.


Radtke Sports, Inc was established in 1999 to serve sports memorabilia collectors with authentic hand signed memorabilia. They have had many in person signings with athletes such as Brett Favre, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, etc. Radtke Sports issues a certificate of authenticity for all items sold that tell you when and where the item was signed. They also issue a picture of the athlete signing the item when available.

MVP Marketing and Management, LLC

MVP Marketing and Management, LLC guarantees the authenticity of every single item that we sell 100%. Each item is accompanied by either a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or Letter of Authenticity (LOA). Each form of authenticity is certified with our personal tamper-proof holoseal. The holoseal is a set of 2 identical seals. One is applied to the item itself and the other one is applied on the COA or LOA. Each holoseal has a unique 5 digit number that corresponds to one and only one item. This 5 digit number is logged into our database with a description of the item.

CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY (COA) MVP Marketing and Management, LLC provides a Certificate of Authenticity for every item that is autographed, but not game used. The COA states a description of what the item is and is accompanied by the unique 5 digit tamper-proof holoseal. The COA guarantees the authenticity of the item as long as the tamper-proof holoseal is intact. Any tampering or fragmenting of the holoseal will invalidate the authenticity of the item.

Creative Sports Enterprises, Inc.

Creative Sports Enterprises, Inc. offers a full line of hand-signed memorabilia including footballs, mini and large football helmets, jerseys, baseballs, baseball mini helmets, and other hand-signed collectibles. CSE addresses the issue of authenticity by only selling products generated through private signings or witnessed by an authorized agent of CSE. Every item is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity (COA) with a tamper proof security hologram on the item and certificate and is backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee. (Photo of athlete signing will be provided if available). At Creative Sports Enterprises, Inc. you can buy with confidence.


The Tri-Star Productions, Inc. Authentication Process includes:

A numbered TRI-STAR AUTHENTIC hologram affixed to all items signed at Tri-Star shows and private signings.

The opportunity to go online and verify the authenticity of the signature. Just enter the TRI-STAR AUTHENTIC hologram number on the item into the computer by going to their website and you will instantly see the date and location of when and where the autograph was obtained and more.


Pro Tour pioneered the authentication of golf memorabilia

  • Golfers have contracts with Pro Tour.
  • Golfers approve all photographs.
  • All autographs are signed in the presence of a witness
  • The golfer and the witness sign an affidavit certifying the authenticity of the signatures, the number and description of all items signed and the date and location of the signing is noted.
  • A certificate of authenticity bearing the Pro Tour and PGA TOUR logos is issued.
  • Pro Tour is officially licensed by the PGA TOUR and the Senior PGA TOUR.
  • No other company has been awarded this prestigious license .
Athletic Promotional Events

For eight years, Athletic Promotional Events has been distributing autographed, authentic sports memorabilia to retailers at competitive prices. Over the years, Athletic Promotional Events has been extremely successful at recognizing up and coming talent. They were the first company to host NBA stars Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant’s first signings. Every item sold through Athletic Promotional Events is signed in the presence of a company representative and is inspected for quality. After inspection, items that have been approved for sale are affixed with the company’s unique hologram. Each item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by A.P.E. The Certificate of Authenticity features a photo taken from the signing and a matching hologram. The COA measures roughly 3″x6″ and is printed on laminated card stock. It reads “The item you have received features an authentic autograph. A.P.E. guarantees this item was personally autographed by (athlete’s name) and in (location and date of signing.” It also includes a facsimile signature of the company’s president, Scott Kupersmit. Every autographed A.P.E sells is guaranteed for life to be authentic.

All About Autographs Inc.

All About Autographs obtains their merchandise from contracted signings exclusively. Every All About Autographs item includes a Certificate of Authenticity. The COA measure roughly 4″ x 6″ and is printed on light card stock. The text on the card reads “The certificate is your assurance that the accompanying autographed item is guaranteed 100% authentic by All About Autographs, Inc. All About Autographs offers a lifetime guarantee on each piece.” The company’s contact information are also printed on the COA. A tamper-proof holofoil is attached to both the item and this COA. The serial number on the holofoil is registered in the company’s online database, so buyers can look up a detailed history of their item online. A photograph from the signing is also included with All About Autographs items whenever possible.